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A time for mourning in the world of coiffure

Release Date: 23/05/2011

Pivot Point International announces the death of its founder and mentor, Leo Passage.

All those who knew him will remember him as a man who lived life to the fullest and urged everyone around him to do the same. Leo Passage has passed away due to the consequences of a degenerative lung disease.

His personal mission had become the mission of his company. Through Pivot Point training, Passage succeeded in inspiring thousands of people worldwide. All those who knew him respected his humility while he shared his profound knowledge with others.

Leo always looked on the bright side of things all his life. Even during his illness he always dedicated himself to his greatest passions: family, Pivot Point, and his students from every corner of the globe.

His wife Lenie, together with their children Robert and Corrine, will continue to work in order to guarantee the growth and consolidation of Pivot Point, a mission to which Leo dedicated his life nearly 50 years ago.

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