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Release Date: 19/10/2011

London, 19th October 2011 --- The 2011-2012 AIPP Awards Ceremony was held on Sunday, 16th October, during the world’s most renowned hairdressing event, the Alternative Hair Show at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall (London). An enthusiastic audience made of thousands of hairdressers from all around the world honoured the artistic achievements of five internationally acclaimed hairstylists: Emiliano Vitale @ é Salon (Australia), Angelo Seminara (United Kingdom), Antonio Bellver & Roberto Robie (Mexico), Anne Veck (United Kingdom) and X-Presion (Spain). Hosted by Roberto Pissimiglia, President of the AIPP (Association Internationale Presse Professionnelle Coiffure), the 15th annual event was presented for the very first time in London. "The AIPP Awards –the world's most renowned awards in the hair industry– are considered the Oscars of Hairdressing and the most spectacular expression of the purpose of the AIPP, confirming the importance of the professional trade press for the hairdressers all over the world. To have the chance to celebrate this 15th edition in such a prestigious venue as the Alternative Hair Show has been an honour and a great opportunity for our Association, certainly offering new incentive for growth in the future!", said Roberto Pissimiglia.

This way, the AIPP Awards’ 5 Categories recognised again this year outstanding achievement by professional hairdressers in photography and presentation of their work. Emiliano Vitale @ é Salon (Australia) won the Best Commercial Award for his beautiful collection made of styles easy to wear. The award was presented on stage by Brice Thiron (L’Éclaireur). Angelo Seminara (United Kingdom) grabbed the Best Avant-Garde Award for a futuristic collection researching new and original ideas with stunning colours & creative patterns. The award was given by Ruth Hunsley (Hairdressers Journal). Antonio Bellver & Roberto Robie (Mexico) achieved the Best Photography Award for a collection composed of the best pictures from the point of view of originality and attention to detail. The award was presented by Ariane Dreisbach (Top Hair). Anne Veck (United Kingdom) won the Best Men Award for her collection of new and appealing male styles. The award was given by Maeve O’Healy Harte (Irish Hairdresser Magazine). And X-Presion (Spain) conquered the Best Video Award for a stunning and creative video showing their latest hairstyles' collection. The award was presented by Sergi Bancells (AIPP General Secretary). All of the winners were present in the Ceremony showing to be really thrilled and touched by the emotion when receiving their awards in front of the cheering audience.

Award recipients were voted by the AIPP Magazine Members throughout the world during last months; this year we've got a fabulous participation, having received 416 photo collections from 21 countries from all around the globe!!!

Now it’s time to start the race for the AIPP Grand Trophy 2011-2012, where the 5 winners of the AIPP Awards compete against each other to become the over-all winner, by sending their Fall-Winter Collections. The AIPP Grand Trophy 2011-2012 is going to be awarded next Spring 2012 in a prestigious venue still to be announced.

The 29th Alternative Hair Show presented awesome shows and raised £190,600 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, a terrific sum to augment the £8 million raised over the past 28 years. 18 creative show teams from England, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Italy, France, Japan and Hungary took to London’s Royal Albert Hall stage to present their individual interpretations of the 2011 Alternative show theme: Illusion. Dedicated this year to the late, great Honorary President of the Alternative Hair, Joshua Galvin, the event saw the introduction of a new annual initiative – the Joshua Galvin Award – to be presented to someone whose efforts are truly outstanding, someone going the extra mile.

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