Association Internationale Presse Professionnelle Coiffure

Hair Profesionalams

Hair Profesionalams

Hair Profesionalams

Publisher: UAB

Raugyklos 15-101

Telephone: +37052333865

Editor: Laura Urbaite

Advertising Manager: Ausrine Kulvinskaite

Diffusion: 4,000

Other Activites: For professionals – a magazine dedicated to each beauty salon employee. The presented magazine has been published every month since 1998. Present publication principle and format became established in 2000. Circulation comprising 5 thousand issues is determined by its concise and exact purpose for hairstylists, salon employees and readership among salon visitors that is constantly growing. A 70-pages magazine includes life events of beauty experts, fashion tendencies reviewed, news on cosmetic companies, working techniques, as well as cognitive articles.

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