The AIPP is the association that assembles the best professional hairdressing publications in the world


The AIPP (Association Internationale Presse Professionnelle Coiffure) was set up in 1964 by several publishers of professional magazine during the World Championships at Bâle (Switzerland). Its first management meeting elected Otto Schwaar (Journal de l'Union des Maîtres Coiffeurs Suisses) and Pierre Carmes (Le Coiffeur de France), President and General Secretary-Treasurer respectively, who held these positions for twenty-five years. Camille Rubis (La Coiffure de Paris) was elected President in 1990 in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and in 1992 in Tokyo (Japan), Roberto Pissimiglia (Estetica, Italy) succeeded him in the Presidency with the aim of modernizing and promoting the organization on a global basis. Pissimiglia, along with the Committee, re-organized the AIPP to make it what it is today.

After 28 years of service, Roberto Pissimiglia stepped down from his position as AIPP President in 2020. Having worked as AIPP Vice-President for many years, industry veteran Mike Vincent was named the new AIPP President effective January 31st, 2021. In his new role, Vincent is responsible for all aspects of the association’s activities and projects, including oversight of the coveted AIPP Awards.


Today the AIPP assembles the best trade publications addressed to hairdressers throughout the world.

In this new era of the AIPP, Mike Vincent is joined in the AIPP steering committee by Maeve O’Healy-Harte and Brice Thiron as Vice-Presidents; Sergi Bancells as General Secretary; and previous AIPP President Roberto Pissimiglia as Honorary President, as after 28 years of service he’s committed to continue supporting the association.


  • to represent the trade press of the hairdressing industry to institutions and at the public events.
  • to promote the image, the value and the importance of the trade professional press.
  • to develop relationships with the hairdressing organizations present in each country, producing and distributing reports and photo-reportages on their conventions and competitions.
  • to involve and to make the major beauty companies and operators aware of the various activities of the professional press.
  • to support the relationships and co-operations among the different publishers.
  • to organize the AIPP Awards, confirming the importance of the professional trade press to the hairdressers all over the world.

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