Requirements to participate

All collections must be submitted online. No collections sent by other means will be accepted!

Participation Fee: 90 EUR

  • Your participation fee of 90 EUR allows you to submit up to 3 collections (under the same salon name). If you want to submit more than 3 collections, you need to submit another payment (every time you pay, you can submit 3 collections). There isn’t a discount for submitting just one or two collections. You are not allowed to submit different collections with different salon names.

* IMPORTANT: All collections/videos submitted have to represent an individual hairdresser and/or a salon brand. No collections/videos representing a cosmetic/product company and/or a manufacturer will be accepted.

Meet the requeriments:

  • Submit ONLY 3 pictures per collection – High Resolution TIFFs/JPGs are accepted.
  • Remember that the images must be in JPG format and must have a resolution of 300 ppp in RGB mode and at least a size of 20x30 cm. In any case, each image cannot exceed 10 MB of information.
  • The collection(s) has to be produced/launched in the last year (between June 30th, 2018 and June 30th, 2019). You can send as many collections as you wish.
  • Specify the category you want to enter: Best Commercial / Best Avant-garde / Best Color / Best Men / Best Video.
  • In case you want to compete in the Best Video category, upload your video on YouTube/Vimeo and just send us the link! Also be aware we are looking for the most original & inspirational videos
  • promoting a hairdresser/hair fashion collection. No step-by-step videos. Important: videos featuring a cosmetic/product company collection will not be accepted.
  • Please write down full credits of the collection.
  • Please include full contact information (name of the salon, address, e-mail, telephone...)

All finalists' collections will be included in the AIPP HAIRBEST YEARBOOK to be published by the end of the year.

Organized once a year, the AIPP AWARDS were established in 1997 with the purpose of awarding annual prizes to the best hair fashion collections chosen by a jury of publishers associated to the AIPP. Today the awards include 5 categories:

  • Best Avant-garde Collection: Recognizing work which has researched new, original, futuristic ideas.
  • Best Commercial Collection: For styles which are easy to wear and simple to re-style.
  • Best Color: The best hairstyles' collection in terms of haircolor fashion, originality & overall quality.
  • Best Men's Collection: In recognition of the marked increase of interest in men's hair fashion.
  • Best Video: For the best inspirational hairdressing video promoting a hairdresser/hair fashion collection (no step by step video/no product companies video).

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