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Zierkalo Mody
Publisher: Zierkalo Mody


4 Maksima Krivonosa St

37 03037 Kiev


Phone : +380 442493535
Publication data:

Publisher: S&A Group

Director: Alexey Antonyuk

Editor-in-chief: Alexey Antonyuk

Advertising Manager: Helen Shamrilo

Frequency: six times a year

Diffusion: 10 000

Annual Subscription Cost: 138 UAH

Single Issue Cost: 23 UAH

Color Page Cost: 2150 USD

Other Activities: Magazines Zierkalo Mody (Fashion Mirror), Nail Aesthetics, Cosmetologist, Make-up, Guide Price. All-Ukrainian Public Organization Hairdressers' Union of Ukraine, annual Championships on hairdressers’ art.


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