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By accepting these conditions you hereby acknowledge that you have read and accept our rules and requirements and that you are giving your permission to the AIPP and its magazine members to use the images of the participating collections ONLY FOR EDITORIAL USE, and certify that you have the signed authorization of the photographer, models and others persons responsible for the collection to publish the images.

This autorization is not subject to any time period or to any territory and is free and irrevocable in the terms granted.

(ver. 20180518)

This page contains a description of the methods for managing the website in reference to the processing of users' personal data. This is an informative declaration that is also made pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of the General European Regulation on the protection of personal data (GRPD) n. 679/2016 to those who interact with the web services provided by Edizioni ESAV S.r.l. on behalf of the AIPP, accessible via telematic means beginning with the address:

This informative declaration is made only for the AIPP website created by Edizioni ESAV S.r.l. and not for other websites that my eventually be consulted by the user via links.

The informative statement is also founded on Recommendation n. 2/2001 that the European authorities for the protection of personal data, joined in the Group instituted by Art. 29 of the directive n. 95/46/EC, adopted on 17 May 2001 to identify some of the minimum requisites for the collection of personal data on-line and, in particular, the methods, times, and nature of the information that the data processing managers must provide users when they connect to web pages, regardless of the purpose for the connection.

1. The Data Processing Controller

Following the consultation of this website, data relative to the persons identified or identifiable may be processed.

The "manager" of their processing is Edizioni ESAV S.r.l., with legal offices in Turin, Via Cavour 50, 10123 (Italy).

2. Data Processing Manager

The company Edizioni ESAV S.r.l. (P.IVA IT05215180018) has been designated as Data Processing Managers pursuant to Article 29 of the Code on the protection of personal data, in that they are charged with the maintenance of the technological part of the website.

3. Nature of the data processed

The website can be consulted without communicating any personal data; in some cases it is necessary to provide personal data to be able to access some of the services offered (newsletters, free registration). In these cases, only the information necessary to activate the service requested will be required.

3.1 Data provided voluntarily by the user

The IT systems used for the functioning of the website acquire, during the course of their normal functioning and therefore during navigation, some user data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. Data that falls in this category includes, for example, IP address, the type of browser, the operating system, the domain name, the times during which the user accesses the site and the addresses of websites from which the user made access, as well as other parameters relative to the operating system and IT environment of the user. This is to make it possible for the website to save some important information and offer the user a better online experience: we collect, for example, information on your language of preference, your acquisitions (even potential, for example what you add to your shopping cart without actually buying), and the web pages you prefer.

This is information that is not collected to be associated to identified interests, but that due to their nature might, through processing and associations with data held by third parties, makes it possible to identify the users. This information is used to improve the quality of service and provide general statistics relative to the use of the website and is not communicated or transferred to anyone. These data may also be used for ascertaining liability in case of hypothetical IT crimes that damage the site, in which case our company is obliged by law to communicate it to the competent legal authorities.

When a request is made to create an account, it is necessary to collect the following information: name, surname, company name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number. We also collect the content of requests that you send us through the account and the correlated searches while you are on our website, so as to enable us to offer you better service and meet your needs.

3.2 Navigation data

We will be able to collect information on the activities you carry out on the website, which we then use to improve your experience and fuel your interests, for example to recommend a product or a service that you might like. The information we collect on your activities includes:

· The search terms of your queries

· Videos and advertising that you watched

· Interactions you had with website contents and advertising

· Information about your purchases

· The people with whom you share the contents found on our website

· The information about your activity on the website of third parties to whom we are connected

3.3 Localisation data

In some functions or sections of the website, we may collect information about your geographic position while you use our services, because this helps us to offer additional services, like proposing events in your vicinity.

Your position may be determined with a varying degree of accuracy by means of:

  • GPS
  • IP Address

· The sensors used by your smartphone, if you use ti to connect to our website

· The information collected from other devides near your smartphone or PC, as access points to a WI-FI network or device with a Bluetooth connection.

The types of data on the position that we collect depend partly on the settings of your device. For example, you can disactivate or activate the localisation of your Android device by using the settings of your telephone.

To collect all the information described above, our Company uses technological tools like cookies (see our Cookie policy), pixel tags (a tupe of technology formed by small parts of codes installed on the website that allow the site itself o use important functions like reading and installing cookies), local storage like browser web storage (saving information about navigation directly on the user's browser) or application data caches (hardware or software components that makes it possible to respond more quickly to users' requests), databases e server logs (save allt he requests made through out website).

The website may contain links to other internet websites. This information is made public only for the website and not for other websites that may eventually be consulted by the user via these links. The company is therefore not responsible for the personal data processing methods or the content of these external sites.

4. Why we collect your data

We inform you that Edizioni ESAV S.r.l. processes the data of its own users only for purposes strictly connected with the supply of services on, for the conclusion of product sales contracts and, provided you give your consent, to inform you of new commercial initiatives strictly linked to editorial activities and website services.

In particular, your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

A. as part of potential acquisition processes on the website, we collect your personal data (for example, personal information, e-mail address, home address, credit card number, telephone number) using the relative order form for product sales;

B. to supply assistance services (Client Service), we collect your personal data (for example, e-mail address, name and surname) for purposes necessary to give you all the information about an service and the acquisition of products on;

C. to supply updating services and to send the Newsletter via e-mail, where expressly requested;

D. as part of the request for technical assistance services, we collect your personal data to supply you information about navigation problems, browser compatibility, and visualisation or uploading of web pages;

E. to personalise the service offered or customise it to meet your needs, including the recommendation of products that may interest you. Depending on your browser settings, we may also show you a personalised advertisement based on your interests. You can control what information we use to propose personalised advertising by checking the settings on your browser. In any case, to propose this type of advertising, we never use your specific data (so-called sensitive, or those that might indicate racial origin, religion, sexual orientation, state of health) and we do not share information that my directly identify you with advertising agencies - unless you explicitly ask us to do so, for example to contact the company that provides the services you are interested in.

F. To measure website performance of, to understand how our services are used and improve on them if necessary. For example, we analyse the data of your visit for statistical purposes and we measure the time you spend on a specific page, using the services offered by Google Analytics (for more information read the Privacy Policy made available by Google Analytics: ).

G. Other?

5. Sharing your information

We do not communicate your personal information to companies, organisations, or individuals outside of our own company, except in the following cases:

· With your explicit and specific consent to do so. For example, in the case of a sale, we will ask your permission to communicate your personal address to the shipping company so that your purchase can be delivered to you correctly.

· With our external data Processing Managers, who have been suitable nominated and instructed to process your data on our behalf. The communication will take place only when strictly necessary and meet with you request or to enable us to render the service you requested. You can as for the complete list of our external Data processing managers at the following address: All those we have nominated offer adequate professional guarantees and operate in full compliance with personal data protection regulations.

· For obligation deriving from the law or upon a request made by legal authorities.

· To prevent or ascertain an illicit act.

We wish to inform you that we may also share aggregate and anonymous forms of information with our commercial partners - for example, publicists, editors, developers - for statistical purposes and trend analyses that enable us to improve the services offered. We also allow well-identified partners to collect information from your browser or device for statistical and marketing purposes through the use of third-party cookies (see our cookie policy).

6. Protection of personal data

Edizioni ESAV S.r.l. protects the confidentiality of personal data. The different technologies and protection procedures used are intended to protect personal data from unauthorised access, use, and disclosure. When personal data is transmitted on the Internet (registration, subscription, payment), these are protected by means of cyptography and through, for example, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.

Our company has also adopted protection measures capable of promptly detecting technical or security problems (so-called data breach) developed for the purpose of automatically preventing the security threat from reaching you. In any case, you will be informed of security incidents that we believe you should know about, and we will guide you step by step to protect your from risks deriving from security faults ( potential):

Other security measures adopted are:

· The use of cryptography to maintain the privacy of your data while in transit;

· The verification of double credentials to help you protect your account;

· We revise our policies on the collection, storage and processing of data, including those on physical safety, to prevent unauthorised access to your system;

· We limit access to your personal data only to personnel working in our Company who were specifically authorised and instructed to process personal data. All those who have access to personal data are subject to contractual confidentiality obligations.

7. Optional granting of data

Other than the information specified for Type A purposes and navigation data (see Point 3.2), the user is free to provide the personal data indicated in the request form to Edizioni ESAV S.r.l. or, in any case, indicated in the "Contacts" section to solicit the sending of the newsletter, informative material, or other communications.

Not providing this information may make it impossible for the user to obtain whatever was requested.

In conclusion, it must be remembered that in some cases (not subject to the routine management of this website), the Authority may request news and information pursuant to Art.157 of the Italian Civil Code on the protection of personal data, for the purposes o controls on the processing of personal data. In these cases, the answer is obligatory and subject to administrative sanctions.

8. Place of the Processing of the data

The processing connected with the web serves of this website take place at the aforementioned legal offices of the company and is carried out by technical personnel assigned to said processing. In necessary, the data connected with the newsletter service may be processed by company personnel that maintains the technological part of the website, Diennea S.r.l. (data processing manager pursuant to Article 29 of the Law on the protection of personal data), at the legal offices of the same company.

9. Processing methods

The personal data is processed with automated tools for an amount of time strictly necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they were collected. The processing may also take place with paper instruments, always in compliance with current laws in force.

10. Rights of those involved

The subjects who provide their personal data have the right, at any time, to obtain the confirmation that the data exists or not and to know their contents and origins, verify their accuracy, or ask that they be integrated or updated, or correct them (Article 7 of the Law on the protection of personal data).

In keeping with this same article, the person involved has the right to request the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous format, or block the data processed in violation of the law, as well as oppose their processing in any case for legitimate reasons. Those involved also have the right to file a claim with the Authority for the protection of personal data, as well as the right to transferability provided by Art. 20 of the aforementioned European Regulation.

Requests must be sent:

- via e-mail, to:

- via fax: +39 011 81256661

- or via mail to Edizioni ESAV S.r.l., with legal offices in Turin, Via Cavour 50, 10123.


Cookie Policy

Below is some information concerning the use of cookies on the website.

1. What is meant by cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the websites visited send to the user's terminal (usually to the browser) where they are memorised to be successively retransmitted to the same site during the next visit by the same user. During the navigation of a site, the user may also receive on his terminal cookies from different websites or web servers (so-called "third-party cookies"); this happens because the web site visited may have elements like images, maps, sounds, specific links to other domain's web pages that reside on servers other than the one where the page requested resides. In other works, those cookies that are configured by a web site other than the one the user is actually visiting.

The cookies are used to carry out IT authentications, monitor sessions and memorise specific information about the users who access the server and large numbers of them are generally present in the browser of each user. Some operations cannot be carried out without the use of cookies, which in some cases are therefore technically necessary: for example, access to one's personal page and the activities that one can carry out on one's personal online account (visualisation of one's data, images, and shared contents, etc.) would be much more complex and less secure without the presence of cookies that make it possible to identify the user and maintain the identification during the session.

Cookies can remain in the system even for long periods and can also contain a unique identifying code. This makes it possible for the site using them to keep track of the navigation of the user within the site itself, for statistical or advertising purposes, to thereby create a personalised user profile beginning with the pages that the user visits and therefore show him/her targeted advertisement (so-called Behavioural Advertising).

By visiting the website with the browser set in "accept cookies" mode, or using the devices, mobile applications, or other software, indicates that the user wants to use products and services and consents to the use of cookies and other technologies necessary to visualise them, as described in this informative declaration. The section below explains how to modify your browser settings so as to be advised when you receive a new cookie or to allow you to disable cookies.

2. Use of cookies

By visiting you can move among the pages anonymously and have access to some information without revealing your identity. For the purpose of accessing services, we use "cookies" to allow the user secure navigation in order to identify the authorised user.

A cookie consists of a reduce set of data transferred to your browser from a web server and can be read only by the server that made the transfer. It is not an executable code and does not transmit viruses. Nearly all browsers are initially set to accept cookies. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, allowing you to accept it or not. (For some web pages that require authorisation, cookies are not optional. Users who choose not to receive cookies cannot access subscription services.)

3. Cookies and how we use them

Cookies are identifiers that are transferred to your device in order to allow our systems to recognise your device and offer you some functions, the pre-filling out of forms, advertising based on your interest on other internet websites.

We could use cookies for other purposes as ell, including:

• Identifying you when you log in on our sites

• Providing contents, including advertising, pertinent to your interests on our websites and those of third parties.

• Advertising defined according to your interests is subject to your preferences, as described in the following section.

• Keeping track of preferences you indicated. In this way, we can respect your preferences, for example in relation to the visualisation of advertising based on your interests.

• Conduct research and analyses to improve content, products, and services.

• Prevent fraudulent activities.

• Improve security.

Cookie allow you to enjoy the advantages offered by some essential functions. It is however possible to block or refuse oru cookies, but your web experience may be compromised.

4. Web Analytics

This web site uses Google Analytics, a web-based statistical analysis service provided by Google Inc. ("Google") . Google Analytics uses "cookies", that are text files deposited on your computer to enable the website to analyse how users user the site. The information generated by the cookies on the use of the website (including your anonymous IP address) will be transmitted to and deposited with Google servers in the United States. Google will use this information for the purpose of examining your use of the website, compile a report on the site activities for operators of the same, and provide other services relative ot the website activities and use of the Internet. Google can also transfer this information to third parties where this is mandated by law or where these third parties process the aforementioned information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address to any other information in Google's possession. You can refuse the use the cookies by selecting the appropriate setting on your browser, but please note that if you do this you can no longer use all the functions of this website. By using this website, you concent to the processing of your data by Google for the methods and purposes indicated above.

You can prevent Google from detecting a cookie that is generated due to and linked to your use of this website (including your IP address) and the processing of this data by downloading and installing this plugin for the browser. .

5. Advertising on the Internet

On both sites owned and managed by Edizioni ESAV S.r.l. and those subject to third parties, the company may publish advertising insertions defined according to interests gleaned by using the information that you make available when you interact on our websites, contents, or services. The advertising defined according to these interests, sometimes called "personalised" or "targeted", appears on your browser in base on the information on your activity, interests expressed and purchases made on our websites, use of devices, applications or software, on your visits to sites that exhibit contents or advertising by AIPP, on your interactions with the online tools, mobile apps, and social media.

Like other online advertising networks, we use cookies, web beacons (also known as action tags or single-pixel gif), and other technologies (jointly known as "cookies). Cookies allow us to know which advertisements you see, which advertisements you select, and in what other ways you interact on our websites and on those of third parties. This makes it possible for us to offer you advertising that is more useful and pertinent to your needs and interests. For example, if we know which advertisements you are shown, we can see to it that the same advertisement is not repeated continuously.

In providing advertisement based on your interests, we do not associate your interaction with websites independent of us with your identity. We do not communicate personal information to advertisers or third party websites that publish our advertising based on interests. However, the advertisers and other third parties (including the advertising networks, ad-serving companies, and other supplies of services these may use) can presume that the users who interact with or click on an advertisement or personalised content are part of the group to which the advertisement or personalised content is aimed (for example, users in a particular geographic area or users who searched for or bought classical music). Moreover, some third parties provide us with information on your behalf (like demographic information or websites on which advertisements appeared to you) coming from offline and online sources that we can use in order to offer you pertinent and useful advertisements.

The third party advertisers or advertising companies that work on their behalf exploit this technology to visualise the advertisements that appear on our websites directly on your browser. When this happens, they automatically receive your IP address. They can also use cookies, Javascript, web beacons (also known as action tags or single-pixel gif) and other technologies to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to personalise the advertising content. We do not have access to nor do we control the cookies or the other functions used by advertisers and third party websites, and the standard practice of these advertisers or third party websites are not regulated by our Informative Declaration on Privacy or by this page on Cookies and Internet advertising. Please contact these third parties directly for more information on their standard practises on protecting privacy.

6. Cookies and browser settings

The Help functions of most browsers will indicate how to prevent the browser from accepting new cookies, how to set the browser so it will notify you when you receive a new cookie and how to disable cookies entirely. Moreover, you can disable or eliminate similar data used by additional browser components, like Flash cookies, by changing the setting of the additional components or by visiting the website of the relative producer.

6.1 How to manage cookies on your Computer

If you want ot allow the cookies from our website, just follow the steps outlined below.

Google Chrome

1. Click on "Tools" in the upper bar of your browser and select "Options".

2. Click on the "Advanced Settings" card, find the "Privacy" section and select the "Contents Settings" button.

3. Now select "Allow local data to be set".

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0

1. Click on "Tools" in the upper bar of the browser window and select "Internet Options", then click on the "Privacy" card.

2. To activate cookies in your browser, ensure that the privacy level is set to Medium or lower.

3. Set the privacy level above Medium to disable the use of cookies.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on "Tools" in the upper bar of your browser window and select "Options".

2. Then select the "Privacy" icon.

3. Click on Cookies and select "allow sites to use cookies".

Safari on OSX

1. Click on "Safari" in the upper bar of your browser window and select "Preferences".

2. Click on "Security" and then on "Accept cookies". 3. Select "Only from this website".

Mozilla and Netscape on OSX

1. Click on "Mozilla" or "Netscape" in the upper bar of your browser window and select the "Preferences" option.

2. Scroll down until you visualise cookies under "Privacy and security".

3. Select "Enable cookies only for the source site".


1. Click on "Menu" in the upper bar of your browser window and select "Settings".

2. Then select "Preferences"; select the "Advanced" card.

3. Then select the option "Accept cookies".

   I accept the terms of use and participation and I confirm having read the informative declaration on the processing of personal data by the AIPP, drafted according to the EU regulation 679/2016 (GDPR).
   I accept to receive information from and/or regarding the AIPP and its members, and therefore authorise the communication to the same of the data necessary for the supply of the services requested.

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